Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Haunted Paradise [My Modern Metropolis]

Haunted Paradise: "

Glenn Barr is a jack of all trades. Dabbling in music and art, it was not long before the two intertwined. As a kid, Barr drew, painted and played guitar in a band. Working in felt-tip or ballpoint pen and ink, he rendered true-to-life depictions of their favorite rock stars on t-shirts, jean jackets, and the covers of spiral bound notebooks. A t-shirt with one of his drawings was thrown on stage during a KISS concert, and frontman Paul Stanley invited him backstage because he was so impressed. “My biggest influence? I guess I would have to say...television,” Barr said at the Motor City Comic Con in 1994. His drawings are bizarre and amazing at the same time. Never at a loss for ideas, Barr has some tricks up his sleeve. Can’t wait to see what he has in store!

Glen Barr's website"

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