Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tronized Beauty [My Modern Metropolis]

Tronized Beauty: "

You know those moments when you come across something so simple yet so well done that it really makes you appreciate the time and effort involved? It's not only well-executed, with the right model, styling or lighting, it just feels like a cohesive set? If not, then check out this series called Tronized Beauty by Paris, France-based photographer Ludovic Taillandier.

Taillandier tells us how it all, serendipitously, came together:

'To be quite frank, it was improvised at the last minute. I'm always searching for little tricks to go beyond my knowledge limits, so each time I see something that could create or interact with light, I'm always on the lookout to try it.

'This time, I was browsing eBay for little 'toys' I could play with, and I ended up looking at small laser pens, and it hit me. I had to use those for a personal shoot.

'The day before, when I met Julie, the model at the agency, I was fond of her hair, and thought it would play perfectly with a laser beauty series. I knew my talented team would create great hair and makeup to go along with it all.

'Afterward, I thought to myself that I had seen Tron not that long ago. Maybe that's where the inspiration on the shooting came from, I just had to play with a laser and see what I could do with it. I always push myself towards directions that defy me...

'I'm actually thinking about another way to use the same laser, for a nude series this time. Stay tuned.'


Photographer: Ludovic Taillandier

Make-up : Julie Camus

Hair: Jean-Baptiste Santens

Model: Julie H @ Crystal Models Paris

Ludovic Taillandier's website"

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