Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweetly Surreal [My Modern Metropolis]

Sweetly Surreal: "

Let Phoenix, Arizona-based Rachael Koscica whisk you away to another world with her beautifully surreal photos. Though she's only been shooting for the past five years, Koscica has the ability to create scenes that seem grounded in reality...almost. Her free flowing imagination could only come from someone who sees the world a sweet and whimsical way.

Koscica's first publication was the central article and cover of Photomasterskaya Magazine's May Issue 2011. As she says, '60,000 copies will be distributed in major cities in Russia. When I received the news I was so happy I cried to my parents... I really freaked them out, they thought something bad happened to me. I'm so lucky I get to show people my creations and inspire others. I have hope for the future.'

When asked how this creative outlet has impacted her life, Koscica shared these stories with us:

'Photography changed me tremendously. I dealt with depression when I was in middle school and I used to be really shy. I began painting to express my feelings and It made me happy and It gave me something to be proud of. When I got interested in photography, viewing the world through a lens helped me focus on the beautiful things in life. It helped me find beauty in things people take for granted or forget to appreciate.

'I'm so lucky to have found passion at such a young age. My photography process helps me to express my thoughts and feelings about life without having to say a word. My pictures help me express the visions I have in my imagination and I wish to inspire others.

'I've always been interested in surrealism. Although my pictures are very surreal, I try to make my pictures look as realistic as possible. It's a way for me to escape into a world where anything is possible.'

Rachael Koscica's website and Facebook"

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