Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Stunning Look at Aged Faces [My Modern Metropolis]

A Stunning Look at Aged Faces: "Got A Light?

American photographer Vaggelis Fragiadakis created a photographic series entitled 'Faces of Crete' that studies the local elderly population on the Greek Island. Cretan families are so extended that most members of the island's population are in continuous mourning of a relative - and many on the island wear black clothing for this reason.

Vaggelis approaches strangers, learns a little about them, and asks them if they mind being photographed with his Olympus E3.

The emotive force produced by the face of an elder is startling. Through his images, Vaggelis says that he responds to the beauty, the humor and the tragedy he sees in the world around him.

The Gentleman From Crete

No Kidding

The Sheperd



Mountain Lady

What Next?

Vaggelis Fragiadakis' deviantART profile"

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