Friday, May 13, 2011

Pretty Cinematic Scenes [My Modern Metropolis]

Pretty Cinematic Scenes: "

Photography is a passionate undertaking, be it as a career or hobby. For Texas-born Shane Woodward, it is fueled by his love for cinema. Woodward has been taking photos for about five years now or ever since he received a camera as a gift from his sister. Recently making the move from Texas to Paris, he is now focusing on several creative outlets which include not only photography but acting and filmmaking. As he says, 'They all nourish each other and keep the creative lid open.'

“Beauty, in its conventional and unconventional sense, can always draw me in and get the juices flowing,' he says. 'But my ideas are heavily influenced by things the day brings to my plate, atypical people, things that make me laugh and also by cinema.'

Shane Woodward's website

via [Ben Trovato]"

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