Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Page Turners: Out-of-the-Box Office Wear Inspiration [ModLife]

Page Turners: Out-of-the-Box Office Wear Inspiration: "

“Hannah, when are you going to get work clothes?” my mom used to ask me when I spent a summer interning in Boston. And yeah, my closet full of crazy prints, bright colors, and self-reconstructed thrift store items didn’t really add up to “proper” work attire. I made it through the summer without a pantsuit, though, and thus reaffirmed my belief that ‘professional attire’ doesn’t have to be boring.

This editorial from the July, 1955 issue of Charm proves, ‘briefcase’ in point, the theory that one can find office-appropriate garb without sacrificing style. So, as you prep and pack for your summer internships in the city, look to this editorial’s sharp silhouettes, demure sleeves, and longer-length skirts for ideas!

Do you have any tips for keeping chic in your work wardrobe?


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