Friday, May 13, 2011

Obsolete Fashion: ‘Cap’-italizing on Chic [ModLife]

Obsolete Fashion: ‘Cap’-italizing on Chic: "

Image via Flickr user Gatochy

When it’s a burning summer day and I’m ready to cool in the pool, I scramble into my swimsuit and jump on in. But, say it was 1959. What would be wrong with the imagery above? Well, I’d have forgotten to put on my bathing cap, naturally!

Bathing caps (a.k.a. swimming caps) officially surfaced in the 1920s and were made of rubberized fabric. During the ’40s, when the war resulted in rations on rubber, bathing caps became something of a ‘luxury’ item. And that brings us to the ’50s, when bathing caps first dove into decorative realms. During the ’50s and ’60s, decorative bathing caps were an integral part of swimwear. Not only did their bright design help one make a splash at the pool, but they served to protect a lady’s carefully manicured hairdo, and sate many a pool’s rule that folks with long hair wear bathing caps.

Eventually, changing fashion standards, hairstyles, and pool regulations caused festooned bathing caps to float out of popularity in the ’70s.

Were decorative swim caps a stroke of genius?



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