Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cinematic Real Life Scenes [My Modern Metropolis]

Cinematic Real Life Scenes: "

If you thought one creative field couldn't bleed into another then you haven't met director, writer and photographer TJ Scott. Then again, maybe you have. Yesterday, Alyssa introduced us to him through his incredibly powerful silhouettes. Looking through the rest of his shots, you'll find that there's an overarching theme to his work. Scott has that rare ability to see and capture life's most dramatic moments and show them in a beautiful and sometimes even tragic way.

'I was the first photographer on the scene of a massive house fire in the Hollywood Hills,' TJ Scott says of the photo above. 'As the fireman came out of the flames, each had his own way of dealing with the moment. Some exhausted - some happy to have put it out before it spread - and this one fell to his knees in prayer.'

TJ Ford's Flickr profile"

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