Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bizzare Phobias Miniature Golf Course [My Modern Metropolis]

Bizzare Phobias Miniature Golf Course: "

“Off Course” is 18 holes of mini-golf madness brought to you by the School of Visual Arts MFA Design in New York. Be warned though, you’ve never putted at a place like this. Every hole embodies a bizarre phobia!

SVA MFA Designer’s '3D champion and groundskeeper extraordinaire' Kevin O‘Callaghan curates this exhibition with the first-year students in the school’s MFA Design department. Each student designed a golf hole and created a suite of products related to their chosen phobia.

The 18 phobias include: the fear of waiting, firearms, magic, dancing, reversed gravity, crabs, being laughed at, video games, tall people, fish, the moon, bolsheviks, throwing things away, being asymmetrical, clouds, nuclear weapons, taking tests, and vacuum cleaners.

School of Visual Arts MFA Design website

via [Imprint], [Neatorama]"

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