Friday, May 20, 2011

Ben Newman [Yummy Fresh grain feed!]

Ben Newman: "

Ben Newman

A while back, Grain Edit pal Sanjay Patel enthusiastically showed us a comic titled Ouroboros by British illustrator Ben Newman. In addition, he also showed us an awesome vinyl toy based on the comic. I was completely smitten with what I saw, and have had a major illustrator-crush on Ben’s work since then. His style is fresh and unique with its fun characters, bright colors, fuzzy textures and complex layering of shapes, and this piece from a developing print series “Masks” is no exception.

To see more of Ben’s work, visit his website and be sure to stop by his shop and pick up some wonderful prints. In addition, his works are also available through No Brow press.

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

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