Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunnies Hunt (and Defense) [My Modern Metropolis]

Easter Bunnies Hunt (and Defense): "Easter Bunnies Hunt

You may know France-based Stéfan Le Dû for his incredibly creative Stormtrooper 365 series but you may not have known that back in October 2010, he introduced bounty hunters (Boba Fetts) into his legion of toys. His new series, titled 52 Weeks with the Fetts, is equally hilarious and includes these two photos that were just recently created for Easter.

Watch as the Star Wars villains go on their Easter bunny hunt and then see what happens when 'mom' strikes back. Don't mess!

The Easter Bunny Mom Strikes Back

Stéfan Le Dû's Flickr"

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