Monday, April 25, 2011

Conspicuous Product Placement [My Modern Metropolis]

Conspicuous Product Placement: "

In this day and age, you can't turn on the TV without some sort of product placement being placed smack dab in your face. While some companies try to be subtle about it (Apple, except for Wall-E), still others are almost offensive, making sure that you're staring at their logo as often and as long as possible (ehem, Coke and Ford on American Idol).

London-based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis (of talking plastic toys and 8-bit video game characters) has come up with a clever series that illustrates the latter. Titled Conspicuous Product Placement, it combines brands with movies in a way that's not only smart and witty but also surprisingly cool.

Reminds us of Vikor Hertz's recent series, Honest Logos, but with an interesting twist.

As always, make sure to stop by Aled's website and Tumblr to keep up with his new work. Also, you can follow Aled on Twitter @fatheed"

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