Monday, March 7, 2011

Take a Trip to Middelburg with Fashion Zen [ModLife]

Take a Trip to Middelburg with Fashion Zen: "

The next time you find yourself in the Netherlands, we recommend taking a day trip to the charming city of Middelburg. Located just three hours by train from Amsterdam, this historic, southwestern Dutch city was founded around the ninth century as a defense against Viking raids (yeah, Middelburg is that old!), meaning it has centuries worth of sights to be seen. We’ll let the city’s tourism bureau tell you about the must-see architectural and historic spots, but we knew we had to ask local blogger Iris of Fashion Zen for insider info on where to eat, party, and get our vintage shopping fix once we finished our architectural tours and boat ride down the Arne River.

Our tour guide, Iris, wears the Here to Stay-ple Dress, Just Stopping By Blazer, and Bow’n Places Heel in White.

1. Honeypie. “This lunchroom serves the most delicious apple pie and cupcakes! They also have some nice high tea arrangements—great to do with your girl friends! And, don’t you just love the decorations? So sweet!”

2. Abdij Square. “In the summer there are lots of festivals at this historic square. The Midsummer Festival is the biggest festival; there are live performances of music, theater, and art for a whole week!”

3. De Spot. “This is a really nice hangout spot for youngsters like me. They have got some great lineups, like two weeks ago, when the amazing band Go Back to the Zoo performed there.”

4. Hart & Ziel. “This is the most amazing secondhand store in Middelburg. They sell beautifully selected vintage and retro clothes, shoes, and accessories. Besides that, they also expose all kinds of art from beginning talents.”

5. Rok ‘n Roll. “Besides the fact that they have lots of choices in fabric, the shop is so cozy and fun, and the owner is so nice and helpful. They also provide workshops for beginners, like how to make a dress or skirt.”

If you’ve been to Middelburg before, what would you add? If you haven’t, is there anything else you’d like to know?


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