Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Socio-Political Pop Art (7 pieces) [My Modern Metropolis]

Socio-Political Pop Art (7 pieces): "

New York-based artist Kevin Bourgeois takes photo-realism to new heights with his socio-political pop art. His work asks the viewer to take in the crazy signs and symbols to find the deeper meaning.

From his website: 'An underlying theme of contrast defines the essence of Bourgeois’ exhaustively detailed drawings. The polarities of the sentimental and the cerebral, science and spirituality, poetics and politics, combine with the contrast heavy application of the black and white graphite medium.The body of work centralizes around the juxtapositions of technology versus human nature, individuality versus consumer culture, and superficiality versus altruism.'

Kevin Bourgeois on Art Battery Group

via [TrendLand]"

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