Friday, March 25, 2011

Page Turners: What a Long, Stylish Trip It’s Been [ModLife]

Page Turners: What a Long, Stylish Trip It’s Been: "

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If I’ve figured this out right, my dad and sister probably just left the Grand Canyon. They were on a weeklong road trip around the Southwest, a part of the country in which I’ve spent little time. Their voyage, coupled with this 1968 Vogue editorial, make me want to hop into my (nonexistent) car and set out to explore the rust red rock and stone arches inking the background of this fashion spread.

And on the topic of this fashion spread, how about those outfits? Some siren call to me with their breezy, bohemian air and others for the unabashed ‘look of the times’ they encapsulate. Granted, I probably wouldn’t wear my Neiman Marcus duds for a traipse about the desert, but whatever. It works here to further capture the late ’60s zeitgeist.

What do you think of this editorial, and have you been to the Southwest?


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