Friday, March 25, 2011

Noted: Culinary Illustrators of Europe [Etsy: This Handmade Life]

Noted: Culinary Illustrators of Europe: "

This week I've been taking my Euro enthusiasm from the drawing board straight into the kitchen. A feast for both eyes and belly, They Draw & Cook hosts the biggest collection of illustrated recipes from artists the world over.

You can use the built-in Find a Recipe page and World Map to harvest inspiration from Italy, Poland, Slovenia and beyond. Just don't dip your paintbrush in your cup of tea in the process (we've all been there).

'Eat Me More' Vegan Tiramisu by Alect Pee in Italy

Wonderful Warm Winter Soup by Doeke Van Null in the Netherlands

Quick and Lazy Strawberry Salad by Marianna Oklejak in Poland

Potica by Meta Wraber in Slovenia

Escalivada by Cristina Bueno in Spain

Swiss Alpine Macaronies by Stefanie Hess in Switzerland

Mama's Cookies by eva forget-me-not in the Ukraine

They Draw & Cook's first printed book will be published in October 2011. You can subscribe to their newsletter, sign up to receive recipe collections and submit your own recipe.

What's on your Euro-inspired table tonight? Let us know in the comments.

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