Monday, March 21, 2011

Magnificent Works on Paper by Rithika Merchant [Art Sponge]

Magnificent Works on Paper by Rithika Merchant: "

Rithika has found a magnificent and meticulous way of visually recreating the creatures and images that fill her imagination. I’m totally amazed with the scale of her work, from the little detailed patterns to the seamless fusion of the each whole piece using pieces of paper as puzzle pieces.

On her website, she explains her process as

“I am interested in the patterns made by the placement or overlaying of shapes together and the way the individual pieces fit together to form a picture -much like putting a puzzle together. My paintings depict scenes from my own internal, personal folklore. They are filled with creatures from my imagination, who come together to represent my beliefs and ideology.”

Rithika also does portrait paintings, installations and ‘exhumed books’ amongst other things. Either Rithika is an alien with super-capacities or not one but three persons.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day dear readers. Make it a good one


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