Monday, March 7, 2011

A Daily Outfit : Paisley Perfect [Atomic Chic!]

A Daily Outfit : Paisley Perfect: "
I've really been wanting to do these posts since I've been collecting so many delicious vintage pieces. So this is my first daily outfit post of all time!

Today I wore a fantastic vintage ethnic, paisley skirt. I adore paisley. And these amazing brand new vintage shoes. It's hard to find brand spanking-new vintage shoes so I call myself lucky. They are so shiny! I love my back deck and since my house was built in the 1840s (I believe, or at least in that century) it has so much character. That deck and window are actually crooked, lol!

I paired it with a black shirt and tights with a black bucket hat. I didn't realize how dark my hair is, it sort of blends in with the hat, lol.

Shirt - H&M
Tights - Target
Skirt - Vintage
Shoes - Vintage
Hat - Forever 21

Despite the photos and me not wearing a coat, it's still quite chilly out. I want the snow to melt and spring to be here!



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