Monday, March 21, 2011

Cute Comics That are Kinda Crazy (20 total) [My Modern Metropolis]

Cute Comics That are Kinda Crazy (20 total): "

If you're looking for a few good laughs, check out Brainless Tales, a once-a-day comic by a man named Marcus. He calls it 'weird daily art masquerading as a daily comic.' Search through his archives and you'll find some hidden gems, especially when he sneaks in some internet/pop culture references.

From his website: 'Cartoons and games are fun to make, but they also consume a great deal of time in their construction, like building a dam with sticks and beaver tails. I wanted some instant gratification for my pen work, and so Brainless Tales was born in 2007.

'Each comic is drawn with a Micron Pen on paper, then scanned into the computer, and modified as needed before moving to the website for your viewing pleasure.'

Brainless Tales website"

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