Monday, March 7, 2011

Cody Haltom [Yummy Fresh grain feed!]

Cody Haltom: "

Cody Haltom

Cody Haltom is a designer working in warm Austin, Texas. He has a nice handle on things large and small and in between. The above logo has a simple yet fun whimsical execution to it. These characteristics, I feel, carry over nicely to his other, more complex pieces. The stationery systems and and Public School identity are good examples of this — all the details seem to simultaneously sing together in design harmony.

Cody is a member of the always cool Public School. It seems that everything this crew touches turns to gold — like their identity, shown below.

Cody Haltom

This identity concept and execution for Public School was a creative collaboration with the entire crew.

Cody Haltom

Cody Haltom

Cody Haltom

Cody Haltom


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