Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black Swan Costumes as Art (6 pics) [My Modern Metropolis]

Black Swan Costumes as Art (6 pics): "

Going on now, at the MOCA Pacific Design Center, is an exhibition of work from the fashion and custom designers behind Rodarte. More than 20 pieces from Rodarte's Spring 2010, Fall 2010 and Fall 2008 runway collections are on display along with original ballet costumes worn by Natalie Portman for the critically acclaimed movie Black Swan. “We worked and are friends with Natalie; she has worn a couple of our dresses,” said Rodarte designer Laura Mulleavy. “When a friend of ours told us there was a hush-hush script floating through Hollywood about two warring ballerinas, it was suggested by her that we would be perfect to do the costumes.”

Most intriguing is how the costumes and clothes are on display. Both static and in motion, the pieces look like 'charged sculptural objects' surrounded by dramatic lighting and hung beautifully in the air...mannequin-free.

“By removing the garments from the figure and creating an installation around them, the focus will be entirely on the dresses and tutus as singular sculptural objects rather than pieces that are reliant on their relationship to the human form,” said Associate Curator Rebecca Morse. “Their inherent narrative qualities will be revealed.”

Rodarte: States of Matter runs through June 5th at the MOCA Pacific Design Center location. Make sure to check it out!

MOCA website

Photos by Autumn de Wilde."

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