Monday, March 7, 2011

2011 Best Picture Nominee Posters (10 total) [My Modern Metropolis}

2011 Best Picture Nominee Posters (10 total): "

Laz Marquez has a passion for creating art. He never goes a day without thinking about the power, execution and integrity behind it. While at work, he started thinking about his movie marathon of Oscar nominated best films and had a sudden burst of inspiration. Everyday for seven days he would tackle an original poster design. He ended up with the full set of ten because, as he says, “sucks at reading calendars.'

“It's been great fun and a nice exploratory on how to design without over-thinking,” says Marquez. “To evolve at rapid place, step outside my usual taste confines and just go on instinct. What I found interesting with this project, was to see how the style has evolved slowly throughout 10 straight days. And how even looking back to the earlier posters, I feel I would have done it so differently.”

Laz Marzquez's website"

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