Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pic of the Day: Falling in Love [My Modern Metropolis]

Pic of the Day: Falling in Love: "

Now this is a creative engagement shot! When undergraduate student Jeremy Blanchard was asked to take engagement photos of his friends, he decided to do something a little different. Instead of taking a boring old photo of two lovebirds wrapped in each other's arms, he made his friends look like ghostly figures walking toward each other, symbolizing them 'falling' in love.

'I'm a huge fan of sharing and creative commons,' Blanchard said. 'I also wanted to share how this photo was created.'

1) Find a place with a still background. Wind moving bushes can make this hard.

2) Put your camera on a tripod.

3) Place your subjects at the edge of your frame.

4) Have one subject take decently sizes steps. Have them pause as they complete each step. Take a photo as they pause. Have them take another until they get to the middle.

5) Now repeat for the other subject until they are in the middle.

6) Have them kiss or do something fun in the middle and take a photo of that. You can try a few different poses her and decide which one you want to use later.

7) Bring all these photos into one Photoshop document. Keep one photo as background. Keep each different 'copy' of the person on a different layer

8) On each layer that is not serving as the background to the image, erase everything except the person. Make sure you don't erase shadows. They are important as well.

9) Change the opacity of the layers that aren't the ends or the middle 50%. They will blend into the background.

How wonderfully creative!

Jeremy Blanchard on Flickr"

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