Sunday, February 13, 2011

Must Watch!: Volkswagen's Super Bowl Commercial, The Force

Must Watch!: Volkswagen's Super Bowl Commercial, The Force: "

Wow! I haven't seen a car company commercial as creative as this in a very long time. Congrats to Volkswagen and their ad agency Deutsch LA for coming up with this awesome Super Bowl XLV ad. The commercial was created for Volkswagen's new 2012 Passat and features a young Darth Vader wandering around a suburban home trying unsuccessfully to use the Force. Love!

This is one of two :30 second spots Volkswagen will be showing during the Super Bowl. The other ad will showcase the 21st Century Beetle.

'The iconic shape of the Beetle and its place in pop culture gives us creative license to take a bold and unconventional approach in this spot where viewers only see the silhouette and not the car itself,' said Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc. 'Additionally, we've partnered with Lucasfilm for the all-new Passat ad, leveraging the emotional heritage of both Star Wars and Volkswagen to create a memorable moment on an unparalleled platform for two of the vehicles most important to Volkswagen's growth strategy.'

“Both spots show the creativity and innovation that people expect from an iconic brand like Volkswagen,” said Mike Sheldon of Deutsch LA. ”The Super Bowl is unlike any other media platform in the world in terms of its reach and cultural influence.”

Volkswagen and PR Newsire

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