Sunday, February 13, 2011

Morning Beauty (12 pics) [My Modern Metropolis]

Morning Beauty (12 pics): "

Based in Sydney, Henryk Lobaczewski is a talented fashion photographer, though it was never his intended career.

“While studying graphic design I got a job straight out of university as an Art Director for Lorna Jane, and they hired me under the pretense that I’d shoot their monthly look books as well,' he says. 'I had never used studio lights before. They bought me two. Before I knew it I had fell deeply in love with fashion photography- borrowing and finally buying the lights off the company and resigning to freelance photography back to them while finding more clients. One year after, I moved to Sydney and set up a studio and the passion remains - all self taught - you just have to love what you do.”

He brilliantly captures the beauty of each model as they go about their day. It is a beautiful morning when Lobaczewski picks up his camera!

Henryk Lobaczewski's website

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