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Spoonflower Year In Review: Top 10 Indie Fabrics & Designers for 2010 [Spoonflower blog]

Spoonflower Year In Review: Top 10 Indie Fabrics & Designers for 2010: "

This the last in our series of posts looking back at 2010, a year in which our little fabric-loving Internet startup accomplished quite a bit.

We grew a lot in 2010, a transformation that included moving our office from the old sock mill in Mebane, North Carolina, where we started to a more modern, comfortable facility in down the road in Durham. The marketplace for fabric created by independent designers that we launched in the fall of 2009 has now blossomed into the largest collection of indie-designed fabrics available anywhere in the world. [Where else can you choose between 47 different hippo fabrics?]

We've still got a lot of work ahead of us, of course, but I hope you'll take a few minutes not just to appreciate the designers in our top 10 lists but to congratulate yourselves for all you've done to build the Spoonflower community and support creative expression, both your own and that of others. Thank you for being here. Here's to a crafty new year!

Top-Selling Indie Fabrics of 2010

1. Heather Ross. An accomplished and well-known designer in her own right, Heather put out two, limited-edition fabric collections on Spoonflower in 2010 and, not surprisingly, her fabrics take up a good many spots in our top-sellers for the year. For the purpose of this list, we're just going to put Heather in the top spot and note the six most popular Heather Ross fabrics for the year. Please note that none of the fabrics listed below are still available for sale.

newspaperboatsaqua4LAB gnomesapplegreen mushroomsapple gnomespink Little Spools Aqua Clothespin People Sunset 2
l-r: newspaper boats aqua fabric, gnomes apple green (gone from site), mushrooms apple (gone from site), gnomes pink (gone from site), little spools aqua, clothes pin people sunset 2 by Heather Ross

2. cherry cherry fabric by troismiettes

3. Owl Be Darned! Apron Pattern Owl Be Darned! Apron Pattern fabric by ceanirminger

4. multi_owls_-_white_background multi_owls_-_white_background fabric by petunias

5. Alice Vintage Border and Text Alice Vintage Border and Text fabric by ophelia

6. Cheater Friday Cheater Friday fabric by melaniesullivan

7. Tetris Border Print Tetris Border Print fabric by chronicallyuncool

8. 2011 Birdies 2011 Birdies tea-towel calendar by cynthiafrenette

9. Obscure Animals Alphabet Obscure Animals Alphabet fabric by maile

10. birdhouse birdhouse fabric by troismiettes

Top 10 Indie Fabric Designers Of 2010

Having looked at the most successful fabrics, here's one last list -- this one showing the most successful indie designers on Spoonflower from 2010. You'll see some familiar names!

  1. heatherross

  2. hamburgerliebe

  3. holli_zollinger

  4. troismiettes

  5. heidikenney

  6. ceanirminger

  7. sammyk

  8. kristopherk

  9. ophelia

  10. helenklebesadel

These are all incredibly talented individuals, but the Spoonflower marketplace is also full of many, many talented artists who don't appear on this list. Discovering new designs and designers is certainly the great pleasure of visiting Spoonflower.


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