Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monsters Invade Manhattan! (8 photos) [My Modern Metropolis]

Monsters Invade Manhattan! (8 photos): "

What a clever and beautiful way to make your fashion line stand out from the crowd! Illustrator Eli Neugeboren and photographer Dustin Cohen teamed up to create this fantastic project. The photos were shot in Manhattan with a noir feel so the monsters would stand out. Fashion designer Edelweiss by Sarah benefits the most from this deal, gaining attention for such a unique project.

Photo: Dustin Cohen

Retouching, Illustration, + Design: Eli Neugeboren

Wardrobe: Edelweiss by Sarah

Stylist: Matthew Simonelli

Hair/Make-up: Angelique Velez

Model: Mirielle from APM Models

Photo Assistant: Andrew Hanenberg

Special Thanks: Sarah Brasher, Winfield Foster, Michelle Egiziano

via [Who Designed It?]"

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