Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mind Melting Photo Manipulations (16 pics) [My Modern Metropolis]

Mind Melting Photo Manipulations (16 pics): "

It's hard to distinguish what's real and what's not in Josh Sommers' world. The California-based artist/photographer creates unbelievably surreal scenes that will make your brain melt...

'I believe that as artists we all have a certain pool of creative energy that we draw from,' says Sommers. 'For me, I have found that it does not matter what I do with that energy - whether it is drawing, painting, building picture frames, writing music, taking photos, designing corporate branding, writing software, designing logos or creating digital composites - it all comes from the same place - and it doesn't matter how I use it, it only matters that I do use it.

'In my life there have been periods where I was not creative, and in hind sight, those were some of the toughest times in my life. Now I know that I cannot be happy in life unless I am being creative, and so that is why I am an artist.'

Josh Sommers"

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