Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keira Rathbone is Our Type [ModLife]

Keira Rathbone is Our Type: "

Image courtesy of Keira Rathbone

Look closer, it’s not just pencil on white paper. Yes, these intricate images are indeed made up of thousands of hyphens, parentheses, letters, numerals, and other symbols. With the help of a vintage typewriter, artist Keira Rathbone takes type and transforms it into impressive portraits and landscapes.

Images courtesy of Keira Rathbone

How does she do it? Watch the sweet video below to see the type-artist creating images from her fingertips. It will make you want to experiment with that ol’ Remington on your shelf. In a recent British news brief, Keira said that it took her about six years of practice to perfect her work.

Have you tried anything like this? Let us know what you think about Kiera’s work, and if you too produce art out of interesting mediums.


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