Sunday, January 16, 2011

Benjamin Lacombe's Fantasy World (15 pieces) [My Modern Metropolis]

Benjamin Lacombe's Fantasy World (15 pieces): "

One way ticket to Benjamin Lacombe's fantasy world, please!

You may remember the name Benjamin Lacombe. He is the talented illustrator behind the most incredibly vivid pop-up book I've ever laid eyes on. Lacombe has a way of making dreams part of our reality, showing us a world few of us could ever imagine, let alone illustrate.

Born in Paris, Lacombe is, no doubt, one of today's best illustrators in the world. In 2007, Time magazine even appointed one of his books, Cherry and Olive, one of their top 10 children’s books of the year.

Today, I invite you to fall in love with Lacombe's incredible art and Alice who fell down the rabbit hole, get lost in this magical world.

Benjamin Lacombe"

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