Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cookies and Bunny [yay!everyday]

Cookies and Bunny: "

Nothing like freshly bake cookies and then the voice in your head says “Eat me, eat me!”."

Beautiful Ballpoint Pen Art (12 pieces) [My Modern Metropolis]

Beautiful Ballpoint Pen Art (12 pieces): "

Today, I am swept away by Vanessa Prager's beautiful ballpoint pen art on vintage sheet music. Using only blue and red ballpoint pen, she created a wonderful series called Love You Too with both art and music in mind.

'I have been trying to work with the concept of not using objects or things that imply too much of their own individual meaning, but while still working to create a narrative-- mainly with light and darkness, energy, emotion, etc,' she says. 'Also, I think there's something about the way a person's mind works that if you give it just enough information, it will fill in the rest. Like in music, played well, with rhythm and beats, if you skip a beat, it only serves to draws the listener in closer. It can be magnetic. So the 'unfinished' parts were me trying to relay that using only ballpoint pens and paper.'

Vanessa Prager's website"

Nick Meek [yay!everyday]

Nick Meek: ""

Julianna Swaney [yay!everyday]

Julianna Swaney: ""

Bangable Dudes In History [yay!everyday]

Bangable Dudes In History: ""

Whimsical Daydreams (16 pics) [My Modern Metropolis]

Whimsical Daydreams (16 pics): "

Dilkathebear aka Dilka Bear is known on Flickr as an extremely talented artist from Trieste, Italy. Her illustrations recreate a world of daydreams complete with woeful little girls and their strange, little pets. I love how the girls' vulnerable faces are beautiful yet unsettling. Dilkathebear's work is a feast for the eyes, mind and soul.

Here is a work in progress:

Dilkathebear's Behance Portfolio"

Chris Walsh (3D illustrations) [yay!everyday]

Chris Walsh (3D illustrations): ""

The Patient Princess (4 photos) [My Modern Metropolis]

The Patient Princess (4 photos): "

Gorgeous 30-year-old model Gisele Bündchen poses for Harper’s Bazaar Espanol's February issue. Photographed by creative director of Chanel and fashion photographer Karl Lagerfeld, the Brazilian model charms us as she takes us into her magical world... where she is a modern-day princess waiting for her prince to come...

Harper’s Bazzar Espanol website

via [live journal]"

My Modern Health: Sound Advice [My Modern Metropolis]

My Modern Health: Sound Advice: "

Carpe diem, 'seize the day' - the words above remind us to do just that. Live life to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring. So simple, yet so easy to forget.

via [healthsetter]"

Flowers Bloom (5 pics) [My Modern Metropolis]

Flowers Bloom (5 pics): "

Fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski shoots beautiful Nicole Kidman in the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar. An amazing garden filled with flowers surrounds the Australian actress, while she looks stunning in spring outfits for the new season from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci.

Harper’s Bazaar

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This is my Really Useful Poster [yay!everyday]

This is my Really Useful Poster: ""

A Timeless Love Story (9 photos) [My Modern Metropolis]

A Timeless Love Story (9 photos): "

This wonderful set was shot by Olivia Graham in Central Park. There is a nice vintage feel to the photos, from the outfits, to the makeup and lighting, everything gives you that old-fashioned feel. Let's hope some more photographers will take a page from this book.

via [Who Designed It?]"