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News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere: December 2, 2010 [This Handmade Life]

News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere: December 2, 2010: "


"Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange." - Special Agent Dale Cooper

This week's edition of News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere has bombed out malls, newfound masterpieces by an old master, Renaissance style, an ode to New York real estate, and ecstatic, chomping fruits.








We live in an age devoid of structural majesty. The Mayans and ancient Egyptians erected mythical temples to court immortality and the gods. We construct homogeneous, oversized ant farms that refute mortality by acquiring sweatpants with words on the butt and an extra-large order of cheese fries: the mall. These post-apocalyptic, eerie photographs by Brian Ulrich, entitled "Ghosts of Shopping Past," catalog our cultural legacy: rusting images of the KFC Colonel and sagging industrial shells. Where's our Parthenon? [Via The Morning News]






The most impressive art find in recent history took place just this week: a retired French electrician and his wife found over 271 Picasso sketches in their garage. (My question: How cluttered is this garage, and when can I come dig?) Pierre Le Guennec, who once worked for Picasso, squirreled away the trove in a trunk in the garage of his home on the French Riviera. The cache, dating from the artist’s most creative period from 1900 to 1932, includes lithographs, portraits, watercolors, sketches, and Cubist collages. Wow! [Via Boston Globe]


Can you believe these are photographs (and not paintings)? Christian Tagliavini's decadent Renaissance-themed photo and costuming project is entitled "1503." The images are so elegantly staged. (So much so that I'm contemplating mimicking the flippant headpiece with a piece of construction paper.) [Via Black Eiffel]






As a renter in New York, real estate is a vicious game. Reading about another's housing homerun usually leads to petulant burblings and "if only" tweets. Today's feat of interior fantasy — well, they don't call it the '72-room bohemian dream house' for nothing. This once-abandoned bank on New York's Bowery was purchased in 1966 for the unconscionable amount of $102,000 — a fortune at the time, especially since most of the Bowery's other residents were homeless. (The owner, photographer Jay Meisel, says that his "parents cried. Every single thing that can come out of a human body has been left on my doorstep.") Now it's a refurbished, six-story single family home that's on the historical register, complete with the original safe-deposit vault, still in the basement, which is the size of a generous studio apartment. Having 35,000 square feet at your leisure is something most New Yorkers will only read about. Now I'll excuse myself to my burblings. [Via Trendland]

And now for a music video with hairy fruits. Enjoy Mumdance!

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