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Hippopotamus Tree Topper from Aunt Peaches [ModLife]

Hippopotamus Tree Topper from Aunt Peaches: "

aunt peaches hippopotamus tree topper

We asked Aunt Peaches to offer up a fun holiday DIY for our latest guest post. Her response? “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Doesn’t everyone? Now you can display one proudly at the top of your Christmas tree!” Clearly, she read our minds. Read below to see how she turned one of our favorite childhood toys into the perfect tree topper.

aunt peaches hippopotamus tree topper

Aunt Peaches’ Hippopotamus Tree Topper

What you’ll need…

  • One toy hippo

  • One plastic/resin/wood/wire tree topper (lightweight, no glass)

  • One small star/ball/heart lightweight ornament of your choice

  • Four tuffets of tinsel garland

  • Hot glue

  • Duct tape

  • Sequins or glitter or paint

  • Sharp scissors or small serrated knife

1. Before you begin assembling, decorate the hippo and tree topper with a common material like sequins, glitter or paintthis will help them feel like a solid object, not just a hippo on a stick. Try to use colors or materials that reflect your Christmas lights; a tree with flashy, colorful lights looks best with a flashy colorful tree topper, while a tree decked in pristine white lights will look best with pale, monochromatic tree topper. Yes, that’s the law.

aunt peaches hippopotamus tree topper

2. Use scissors or serrated knife to pierce holes in the top and bottom of your toy hippopotamus large enough to accommodate the narrow end of the tree topper. You’ll find that most plastic toys will give into a knife or scissors, but if it isn’t working for you, feel free to use a power drill, just don’t traumatize the kiddos by letting them watch.

3. After the hippo is on the topper, secure in place by filling gaps with hot glue.

4. Secure your ornament to the tip of the topper using a narrow strip of duct tape.

5. Cover gaps and awkward spots with snazzy Christmas tinsel.

aunt peaches hippopotamus tree topper

Good news: You’re done!

Bad News: You can no longer sing along to “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” because you already have one!

aunt peaches

For more from Peaches, head over to her blog. And keep watching the ModCloth Blog for our next guest DIY and cooking posts!


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