Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Breathtaking Surreal Art (6 pieces) [My Modern Metropolis]

Breathtaking Surreal Art (6 pieces): "

We've described surreal art and photography in many different ways - shocking, sweet, and even beautiful yet dark. One word we haven't used yet is breathtaking.

Xetobyte is a 20-year-old IT student who creates pieces that are just that. All of his photo manipulations have a dark element to them but they're individually strong and stunning. I particularly love his use of repetitive objects like clocks, umbrellas, swings, butterflies, and birds. It's like we're on a road to nowhere or unable to wake up from a self-induced dream.


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  1. Thanks for these very artistic photos! I love this kind of art! Hi my name is Larry, I came here today in research regarding a CD cover concept for a music project a musician partner and I are currently doing. We would be very interested in using one of these concepts for our cd cover if all would be possible? If so, how can we go about getting legal permission in using one and possibly even using Photoshop and changing let's say, people or slight variances of the photo?