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Vintage Sexism: The Way to a Man’s Heart [ModLife]

Vintage Sexism: The Way to a Man’s Heart: "

Vintage sexism, the way to a manImage via TJS

When Alice’s husband gets bored with her, and his gaze starts to wander over to “pink and white” Betty Thorton, Alice will know exactly how to win him back, thanks to this ad for Brer Rabbit Real Plantation Molasses. All she needs to do is bake some scrumptious gingerbread, slather on the whipped cream, and it will all be worth every minute of labor. Why? Because as Jack lifts his third forkful to his mouth, he will look at Alice with “worshipful eyes,” say he feels like a “pampered prince,” and tell Alice that she “look[s] like a princess.” Well now, dreams do come true!

Vintage sexism, the way to a manImages via Modern Mechanix and Vintage_Ads

The women in these next ads also find cooking up food an effective way to keep the men in their lives around. The woman in the ad at left keeps things from getting too monotonous by whipping up different rice dishes full of “unexpected,” “tasty surprises,” while the woman in the ad at right keeps her morning sickness at bay by popping some Mornidine. In addition to enabling her to once again fry up the eggs and bacon her man likes best without running to the bathroom between spatula flips, this drug also may cause her to develop hepatic lesions*.

Why do you think these ads all depict a white, heterosexual woman cooking for a man as a way to keep him from getting bored with her, cheating on her, or leaving her? Can the act of feeding a man in turn feed a woman’s own hunger to love and be loved? Do you think there is a danger in the fact that the woman always seems to be cooking for her man, but never for herself? Should a woman assume all the responsibility for making a relationship work?

*The Food and Drug Administration withdrew Mornidine from the market on July 17, 1969 due to its causing hepatic lesions in patients.


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