Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tasty Color Palletes From Ikea [ideas about ideas]

Tasty Color Palletes From Ikea: "
I'll go ahead and assume that unless you own this cookbook then you've never seen anything like this period. Ikea's Homemade Is Best cookbook is out of this world awesome. Each ingredient is laid out directly in front of you in a simple and interesting way spanning a whole two page spread. No outlandishly long paragraphs that clutter the page. I mean it's a cookbook not a novel, so why not display what you're cooking with!

Ikea makes it seem like if I had this book, even I could make some delicious confectionery treat with the greatest of ease, and trust me I can't bake so save my life.

Now the interesting thing about this book is the color combos that develope from spread to spread. Each color compliments the food that is displayed and they create these really unique color palletes.

Lucky, the people over at COLOURLovers have this amazing system where they pull and create color palletes for you to use from various photos that they also post on their blog. Not only do you get to see the inspiration/trends but you can also get the RGB make-up as well as the hex value of each color within that pallete. Pretty cool huh?

Check out the rest of the post over at COLOURLovers.


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