Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cool Concept: Sand Glass Traffic Light (3 pics) [My Modern Metropolis]

Cool Concept: Sand Glass Traffic Light (3 pics): "

So you're stuck at a traffic light and have no idea how much time you have to wait. Thanks to designer Thanva Tivawong, the Sand Glass traffic light solves this problem in a clever way.

As the time on either a red or green light runs out, the sand glass shows visually how much time is left. As it approaches time to change, the light turns yellow.

Although I like the creativity behind this concept, there are a couple huge design flaws. First, the light is not color blind-friendly at all. Second, the yellow 'ready' light after the red 'wait' light could cause accidents because people could confuse it with the other yellow 'prepare to stop' light. For these reasons, I prefer this concept better.

via [yanko design]"

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