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Channeling the Cosmos Guide [ModLife]

Channeling the Cosmos Guide: "

Attention, fans of the starry skies above! Did you know that today is Carl Sagan Day? Sagan, a Professor of Astronomy and Space Science and Director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University, is most famous for his awe-inspiring PBS series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. The thirteen-part program urged viewers to contemplate the vast mystery known as our solar system by provoking the senses with mesmerizing imagery and offering comprehensible knowledge about astronomy.

Sagan’s tireless dedication to astronomy and space science is downright inspirational, which is why we’re oh-so excited to present our “Channeling the Cosmos Guide.” So, observe some of our favorite space-inspired products, cosmically cool music, vintage space artworks, and Fashion Writer Angela’s list of Top 5 Sci-fi Heroines!

A Vintage Look at Space

Images via Scifi at Dark Roasted Blend and NASA.

Of course, we have previous generations to thank for our obsession with outer space. As the above artworks show, dreams of space exploration captured the imaginations of scientists as well as popular culture. One of our favorite vintage artworks is the third, bottom image, which, believe it or not, comes from the NASA archives! In the 1970s, NASA conducted several space colony studies; the illustration above was an artistic rendering of a concept for a 10,000-civilian colony.

Space colonies are still a thing of the future, but in the meantime, there are plenty of astronomy-inspired products out there while we wait!

Stellar Items for You and Your Space

Clockwise, from bottom left: Fur-realism Mug, LCD Notesystem, Jovian Planet Top, Undercover Space Explorer Umbrella, and Mug-a-Pixels Coasters

Once you have your space-themed accessories, take your wardrobe to stylish new heights with these cosmically cool looks, as modeled by Fashion Writers Laura and Meggy! On the left, Laura wears the What Dreams Are Made Of Dress, At Ease Jacket, Dancing Like a Star Tights, A Many-Splendored Thing Heel, and the Forever in Flight Necklace. Meanwhile, Fashion Writer Meggy shines in the Meteor Sighting Dress, The Sumptuous Socks, It’s Raining Jewelry Necklace, Orion’s Belt, If It Ain’t Got that Bling Heel, and the On the Brink of Something Bag.

Angela’s Top 5 Inspirational Sci-Fi Heroines

From the left: Sarah Connor, Leia, Zoe Alleyne, new Nyota Uhura, old school Uhura, and Jet Girl.

What’s a guide without a little girl power? We asked Fashion Writer Angela to list off her favorite inspirational sci-fi heroines.

Sarah Connor from the Terminator series

“In the first film she was soft-spoken and somewhat of a loner. But, by the end of the second, she’s self-reliant and courageous, protecting both her son and the future of humanity.”

Princess Leia from Star Wars

“I’ve always loved how Princess Leia isn’t afraid to be in the middle of the action, such as fighting Empire forces one-on-one while on Endor.”

Zoe Alleyne from Firefly and Serenity

“Zoe is probably the coolest lady in space. She’s got a dry sense of humor, all the while being the who I think is the bravest and most noble member of the Serenity ship crew.”

Nyota Uhura from Star Trek

“‘Unmatched in xenolinguistics,’ Uhura is definitely a role model I hope will influence my possible future daughters. (I included the original and new Uhura, because they’re both awesome.)”

Jet Girl from Tank Girl

“I could always relate more to the quiet and brainy glasses wearing Jet Girl more than her boisterous counterpart. Her superior talents in mechanics are integral to the story!”

Cosmically Cool Music

(For a more dramatic set of songs, we recommend io9′s “7 Great Space-Themed Songs for Your Next Introspective Montage.”)

Whew! I think that wraps up our cosmos guide, but let us know — what would you add to this list?


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