Monday, November 29, 2010

3D Chalk God Blows Up in China (10 pieces) [My Modern Metropolis]

3D Chalk God Blows Up in China (10 pieces): "

Mr. Hou didn't expect to become an internet sensation after he uploaded some photos of his 3D chalk art pieces onto a Chinese forum a few weeks ago. After all, he's just an average Chinese citizen who enjoys drawing for his little boy. Now, people from all over the web are referring to him by a new nickname - 'Chalk God.'

“I think these 3D artworks actually aren’t that rare/surprising, but the idea is very key, and only with the idea can you move people,' says Mr. Hou. 'For example, I once went to a tourist sight/attraction, and there was a sculpture at this intersection. Below the sculpture, on all four sides, were a bunch of advertisements for counterfeit official documents. I felt this was so representative of China today, so I started drawing, never expecting to become so popular.”

via [china smack], [oddity central], [izismile]"

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