Monday, September 13, 2010

Rock Paper Show [Yummy Fresh Grain Feed]

Rock Paper Show: "

grain edit / rock paper show

Almost exactly 8 years ago the first Flatstock poster show was held in San Francisco. I remember anxiously awaiting my entrance into the show, and subsequently being in awe over the work displayed. I admired all of the work shown, and eventually bought a print from Seripop.

All of the posters exhibited promoted rock shows happening in venues throughout the country and the world. Many exciting books have followed that first Flatstock, covering the exploding rock poster scene. “Rock Paper Show” is quite a different take on the gig-poster, however — highlighting the posters that were designed to promote the Flatstock event itself. The book contains great work from some of the top-notch poster designers around, including Jeff Kleinsmith, The Bird Machine, Aesthetic Apparatus, The Heads of State, The Small Stakes, f2 Design, and so many more.

Check out the book here.

grain edit / rock paper show

grain edit / rock paper show

grain edit / rock paper show

grain edit / rock paper show

grain edit / rock paper show

Be sure to check out our Q&A with Jason Munn of The Small Stakes.

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