Saturday, September 4, 2010

Calling All Chic Chefs! [ModLife]

Calling All Chic Chefs!: "

Can you make a mean PB & J? Are you a wonder at whipping up bruschetta? Do you put your own sassy spin on the classic “ants on a log?” Well, we want the scoop on your sweetest, savoriest recipes!

We’ve teamed up with to check out your Tasty Tweets. Everyone has a fave afternoon snack, and yours could snag you a $100 gift certificate, and a goodie bag bursting with cool culinary swag! Here are the delicious details:

The contest begins today, and ends on September 6 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

- Follow both @ModCloth and @CHOW on Twitter.

- Tweet your snack recipe @ModCloth, and include the hashtag “#MCCHOW“.

- Recipe must fit within one tweet. No limit on how many times you may enter!

- Prepared foods don’t qualify as recipes! I.e. “Unwrap candy bar & eat” won’t cut it.

- Entries will be judged on tastiness, creativity, ease of prep, and adherence to the rules.

    Once we’ve narrowed down the most appetizing ‘Twe-cipes,’ we’ll join for a tasting, and then choose a winner. So, get crack-a-lackin’ on your snackin’ — and be sure to share the recipe!

    And, be sure to check out all of our cute culinary-inspired items to create a look that’s yummy enough to eat!


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