Sunday, September 19, 2010

100 Designers, 100 Inspirations (ModLife)

100 Designers, 100 Inspirations: "

Photo: The Cut


Is this the first word that comes to mind when planning your outfit in the morning? Whether it suits you or not, this word was the literary inspiration for Betsey Johnson’s Spring 2011 line, in conjunction with the above photo. While it’d be tough to snag a look straight from her show, you can check out the Betsey Johnson dresses we carry! (Runway not included.)

If you’ve been stuck in a creative block recently, check out The Cut’s slideshow of 100 designers’ runway inspirations to land in a treasure trove of inspiration. From an image of Audrey, to a sunflower, to a “Kapow!,” there is an inspiring image for any taste.

Tell us: What do you plan on channeling for your future wardrobe?


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