Thursday, September 30, 2010

Patrick Hruby [Yummy Fresh grain feed!]

Patrick Hruby: "

Windy days can be a drag, but imagine if they looked like this! Los Angeles based illustrator Patrick Hruby employs vibrant hues and interesting shapes to depict the blustery warm East wind. His use of geometric shapes is visually striking and provides a playful image to an invisible force of nature.

Patrick’s color palettes are punchy and his forms are sharp and nicely executed. Elements of nature are evident throughout his work, and his compositions are clean and thoughtful. To see more of his work, visit his website.

Also for your viewing pleasure: Luke Bott

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Web Design Inspiration: 30+ Beautiful Coffee Websites [You the Designer]

Web Design Inspiration: 30+ Beautiful Coffee Websites: "

Coffee is considered as an effective stimulant that keeps the consumer alert and awake. With our usual busy lifestyle, it helps to have a beverage ready to keep us active all throughout the day. Looking at the rate of coffee consumption, many commercial establishments have been built to cater to the needs of the society. Incidentally, many of these coffee shops have also turned to the web in advertising their products and promoting their services.

Take a look at this warm compilation of coffee-related websites and be moved by the creativity applied on each design. This 30+ Beautiful Coffee Websites will definitely inspire you to create more unique designs from simple and common themes. Get that cup of coffee ready as you browse through this great list!


Coffee Websites - Folgers

Visit Source


Coffee Websites - Coffee Mate

Visit Source

Caribou Coffee

Coffee Websites - Caribou Coffee

Visit Source

Starbucks Coffee at Home

Coffee Websites - Starbucks

Visit Source


Coffee Websites - Melitta

Visit Source

Ambest Coffee

Coffee Websites - Ambest Coffee

Visit Source

Java Cabana

Coffee Websites - Java Cabana

Visit Source

Cafe Marionnette

Coffee Websites - Cafe Marionette

Visit Source

Coffee Club

Coffee Websites - Coffee Club

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Double Coffee

Coffee Websites - Double Coffee

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Far Coast

Coffee Websites - Far Coast

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BOS Coffee Club

Coffee Websites - BOS Coffee Club

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Single Origin

Coffee Websites - Single Origin

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Cilantro Cafe

Coffee Websites - Cilantro Cafe

Visit Source


Coffee Websites - Barista

Visit Source

Neweng Land Coffee

Coffee Websites - Neweng Land Coffee

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Park Avenue Coffee

Coffee Websites - Park Avenue Coffee

Visit Source

Juan Valdez

Coffee Websites - Juan Valdez

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Coffee Websites - Kapepur

Visit Source

Looney Bean

Coffee Websites - Coffee Websites -

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Copper Door Coffee

Coffee Websites - Copper Door Coffee

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Press CFW

Coffee Websites - Press CFW

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Dunn Bros

Coffee Websites - Dunn Bros

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Zu Coffee

Coffee Websites - Zu Coffee

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Coffee Websites - Cafebritt

Visit Source

Dunkin Donuts

Coffee Websites - Dunkin Donuts

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Uvee Coffee

Coffee Websites - Uvee Coffee

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Coffee Websites - Lavazza

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Cafe Henrici

Coffee Websites - Cafe Henrici

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Tim Hortons

Coffee Websites - Tim Hortons

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Wawa Coffee Topia

Coffee Websites - Wawa Coffee Topia

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