Monday, August 23, 2010

Pochoirs — The punch hole project [yay!everyday]

Pochoirs — The punch hole project: "


The punch hole project by MURMURE

This hand cut poster series, made with a hole punch, came from the idea of stencilling: drilled areas of paper let the paint quickly produce pictorial patterns. This technique, widely used by street artists, was diverted here: the stencil is no longer the tool, a vector for graphic design, it is the object within itself. The faces that are represented emerge when superimposed on a chosen background.The use of the circular form allows small holes to be punched and provides a strong structure to the stencil or the poster, the visuals are perforated on very fine paper to strengthen this aspect of lightness. Made on sheets of 80 cm by 120 cm, the images seem almost abstract and make sense only when seen from a certain distance and a certain angle by the viewer.

The resulting posters have two uses. The first series of images is destined to indoors exposure: slightly stalled from the white walls of a showroom where the cut-outs stand out in a very fine shadow that reveals subtle grey masses and drawn patterns. The second series of posters (with the same designs as for the indoor series) is intended for city display to highlight the appearance of the walls, on which they are positionned.Passers-by do not pay attention to what covers the walls of our cities anymore, overloaded with information of all kinds. The stencils, by their abstract appearance, at first sight, provoke curiosity. Their subtlety requires special attention and understanding of the pattern designed by the accumulation of holes of different sizes requires a very precise positioning of the viewer. The drawings that appear on the stencils are portraits of strangers, a choice which highlights the conceptual and visual relevance in a relationship to space and body."

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