Friday, August 27, 2010

i love you { a giveaway! } [Vintage Pearl]

i love you { a giveaway! }: "

When we were at Disney in June,
we took the boat back over the water at Magic Kingdom,
probably around midnight.

I saw a dad and a son
happily signing to each other
and it sparked an idea...

a sign (i love you)...


We tried it out a few different ways...

This necklace (above) was made for Sarah (a newbie to tvp!), and right after she put it on she went to get ice cream with her girls. The lady behind the counter was hearing impaired, and touched Sarah's necklace, admiring it, she could relate to it!

Sarah went to her car, took off her name charm, then took the rest of the necklace back to the lady, touching her to tears!

Sarah was thrilled to bless her.

We made Sarah a new one (of course!)

around the edge in lowercase plain...

this one is slightly domed in whimsy...

and we plan to offer just the 'i love you' hand on a charm as well :)


Let's give one away!

Leave us a comment- which one is your fave?

Blog it, tweet it @thevintagepearl, and facebook it for extra entries (please leave a separate comment for each).

We'll pick a random winner on monday.

Happy friday!


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  1. Kay, I just saw your comment on "make it and love it", Meaghan Smith and I were roommates in college and what do I have to say, I'm a huge fan of hers. But I have to add that I LOVED your suggested list. I checked out all the artists I hadn't heard of and am totally in love. So curious as to what else you have on your ipod? I have two new faves right now. Albums I can't stop listening too. Eliza Doolittle, self named album and Mindy Gledhill, Anchor. Don't know if you've heard of them, but check it out. Huge fan of VP too. My Grandmother is hearing impaired and I love the new necklace. So many talented and interesting people out there! or check out my other blog