Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ModLife: The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project: "

Always drawing in your notebooks? Join the club. Or, rather, join The Sketchbook Project, a traveling art exhibit that will showcase thousands of submitted sketchbooks in galleries and museums across the country, before cataloging them in the Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection. Like all library books, each sketchbook receives a barcode, so artists can view real-time statistics about their books’ activity and perusal long after the tour.

To get your sketchbooks on tour, go to the Sketchbook Project’s website, pick a theme (choices include “Help” and “It will be fun, I swear”) by the October 31 sign-up deadline, order one of the Project’s blank sketchbooks, and then send back your masterpiece!

Already six thousand people have signed up for this year’s tour, and I plan on being one of them! What about you? Let us know!


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