Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Birdie Secrets: silhouette digital cutting tool review and giveaway!

When I was working at Lasting Memories, I had a major wish-list item. I'll give you a hint. It cuts paper, vinyl, and heat transfer material, and you don't have to buy expensive design cartridges. If you guessed the Silhouette digital cutting machine, then you must have it on your wish list, too! If you have no idea what I'm taking about, prepare to be amazed. And to want one.

A few weeks ago, Silhouette sent me a free machine to try and review (I know--I've been dancing a little jig ever since!). I came home from Utah to this:


I spent the last year singing it's praises to customers in the scrapbook store, but now that I've had a chance to use the Silhouette myself, all I can say is that it really is AMAZING. I am full-fledged IN LOVE with this machine. Let me tell you why. No, let me show you why. Here is a sampling of some of the projects I've done since I received my machine (yes, I've been busy!):

My very favorite part of this tool is the ability you have to use your own designs and true-type fonts on your computer, plus digital image downloads from tons of great designers (think House of Three and Hero Arts) for only $.99 each (or less if you have a subscription). I have loved my Slice, and I'll still use it, but I hate having to buy a $50 cartridge, especially when I know I'll only really use a fraction of the images. My second favorite thing is how versatile it is. The software that goes with it is awesome. You can cut shapes and letters in any size increments you want, you can take images apart and only cut part of them (which comes in handy when creating a multi-colored image), and you can cut multiple images at a time (which saves time and paper). I really feel like I don't have any limitations with this tool. I can use it for my scrapbooking, card making, home decor, party decorations (think cupcake wrappers and banners!), clothing, even quilting (to cut applique templates). You're going to be seeing a lot with this machine from me.

I have so many great project ideas in my head for this tool, and I haven't even tried the glass etching cream, rhinestone templates, sketching pencils, or printable heat transfer material yet! Check out some more ideas here and on the Silhouette blog (which is incredible, by the way). There are tons of tutorials, FAQs, and great ideas on both sites. Here are a few things inspiring me:

The Giveaway
Okay, enough of my blabbering, here's the big news. Silhouette is letting us give away a FREE Silhouette SD cutting tool and a bunch of free accessories to one of our readers! (You should be doing a little jig about now, too!) Here's what our lucky winner will receive:

*Silhouette SD Digital Cutting Tool (retail price $299)
*Two rolls of vinyl
*One roll of transfer tape (for applying the vinyl images)
*A scraper tool (for applying vinyl)
*A CD of home d├ęcor images to cut
*$10 download card to buy new shapes on the Silhouette Online Store.

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