Friday, June 4, 2010

ModLife: Top Ten Artworks Made from Food

Top Ten Artworks Made from Food: "

10. Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Untitled (Portrait of Ross). An interesting metaphor for the struggle Gonzalez-Torres’ partner had with AIDS, this piece involved visitors by asking them to take a piece of the candy that created the exhibit.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Photo: NPR

9. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Pain Couture. Gaultier doesn’t loaf around when he’s got a good idea in his mind!

8. Jim Victor’s Milk, Moms, Mornings. Mr. Victor’s sculpture is like butter. Oh wait—it is butter!

7. Peter Rocha’s Queen Elizabeth II. Someone should play the ‘guess how many jelly beans…’ game with this portrait.

6. Balla Tamás’ Sweet Water Sport. Nothing better than a dip in the watermelon.

5. Ingrid Falk’s & Gustavo Aguerre’s The Toaster. Are you ‘bready’ for this?

4. Ju Duoqi’s The Raft of the Lotus Roots. Picture yourself on a raft on some lettuce with lotus root people and marmalade skies.

3. Ya Ya Chou’s Chandelier. If you didn’t think it was possible for gummy bears to get better, guess again.

2. Carl Warner’s Fruit Balloons and Cart. Simply incredible.

Akkiko Ida and Pierre Javelle


1. Akkiko Ida and Pierre Javelle’s La Coupure. Looks like desert land suffered a devastating eclair-quake.

Ever seen these pieces before? What are your favorite works of art made from edibles?


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