Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ModLife: Top 10 19th-Century Men’s Accessories

Top 10 19th-Century Men’s Accessories: "

With menswear-inspired womenswear making another comeback, we thought we’d take a peek at historic men’s accessories. Some have been adopted by women, others remain intact, and still more have dissipated into the fog of history. Which accessories qualify as the best known to man (and woman)? Read on to find out!

10. Pocket Squares. These haute handkerchiefs, once seen only in the pockets of formal wear-sporting men, became an option for women too, once the women’s blazer came into being.

9. Waistcoat Buttons. Vest buttons were once interchangeable and served as one of men’s few jewelry options.

8. Suspenders. Residing at the intersection of function and fashion, suspenders, donned here by various Weardrobe users, were once an integral part to getting (and staying) dressed.

7. Boater. Even when worn ashore, this straw hat was all that!

6. Gloves. Key to creating a formal menswear ensemble in centuries past, these elegant accessories are now a well-known way for women to take a ‘hands on’ approach to fashion.

5. Bowtie. If these Internet fashionistas are to be believed, this ‘bow-dacious’ accessory is already making a comeback!

4. Fob Watch. Also known as a pocket watch, these accessories are also making a return!

3. Ascot. With all its ruffles and flair, this item, sported by model Chanel Iman at left, is enough to leave anyone ‘tounge-tied.’

2. Top Hat. This terrific topper is, one might say, olden elegance incarnate.

1. Monocle. This dapper accessory, as once worn by actress Heather Thatcher, was both a sight for sore eyes, and sight for poor eyes!

What do you think of the current menswear trend? Do any of these accessories inspire you?


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