Monday, May 10, 2010

Bands You’d Take Home to Your Mother

Bands You’d Take Home to Your Mother: "

What better way to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day than introducing her to your latest crush —musical crush, that is! Many musicians might not fit the bill to bring home to dinner, so we’ve gone ahead and picked a few of the most mom-appropriate indie musicians, whom from their well-groomed appearance to well-behaved reputations would get the go-ahead from mom!

You’re headed back home to the parents’ house and decide to drive to the beat of one of your all-time faves, Belle and Sebastian’s “Funny Little Frog”.

Meet Andrew Bird in “Imitosis”. He’s cute, plays violin and guitar, and seems to know his calculus.

If you’re spending the day inside, “What is Happening,” by Alphabeat, proves that staying in can be a party filled with music, maracas, and dancing!

Lastly, end the day with a little She & Him. No matter who you’re bringing home, “In the Sun” proves that everything will be alright!

What musician would you recommend bringing home on Mother’s Day?


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